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Do you want to test your typing skills on mobile?
Do you want to improve your typing skills?
Do you want to challenge your typing skills with others?
Then this app,
is for you.
This app came up with new design and new game model.
Typing Hero is a fun and learn app where you can improve your typing skills and also have fun by earn score for your tying on the app.
Typing Hero has different types of typing difficulties like Easy, Medium, Hard and Harder. Text will be displayed based on this selection. This shows your confidence and your typing level on mobile or tab.
The text displayed on the game screen has animations. To make it interesting, select one the animation speeds from Slow, Fast and Faster.
To make the app more interesting, it has two game types. One is with timer and another is no timer. If you select “Timer”, you will play till the selected time limit is over. If you select “No Timer”, you free to play until you press back button to come to home screen.
With the combination of above selections, your text to type on the screen will be shown.
For each letter you type, you will earn score, and the score will be submitted to google leader boards. Hence, you can compare yourself with others who played this app.
You can click on “Info” button on home screen of the app to get more details.
Please provide your feedback or comments which help us to improve the Typing Hero app.
+ Improve typing skills on mobiles and tabs
+ Select from various typing difficulties
+ Options to choose text animation speed
+ Time limit to challenge yourself
+ Google leader boards integrations
+ Share the result with friends via social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and other sharing channels
+ Compare yourself with others on the app with leader boards
+ Share the app with friends
Play and Have Fun !!!

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APK verzió 2.2.7
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